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Rules of Tennis: Order of receiving in doubles


The team which is due to receive in the first game of a set shall decide which player shall receive the first point in the game. Similarly, before the second game starts, their opponents shall decide which player shall receive the first point of that game. The player who was the receiver's partner for the first point of the game shall receive the second point and this rotation shall continue until the end of the game and the set. After the receiver has returned the ball, either player in a team can hit the ball.

Case 1: Is one member of a doubles team allowed to play alone against the opponents? Decision: No.

USTA Comment 15.1: Do the partners have to alternate making shots during a rally? No. In the course of making a shot, only one partner may hit the ball. If both of them hit the ball, either simultaneously or consecutively, it is an illegal return. Mere clashing of rackets does not make a return illegal unless it is clear that more than one racket touched the ball.

USTA Comment 15.2: May a doubles team switch its receiving order at the beginning of any set or Match Tiebreak? Yes. There is no requirement that any doubles team retain the same receiving order for a new set or Match Tiebreak.




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